Sunday, February 8, 2015

One2 Call Your Own

When I started running in my mid-forties, I made the mistake of not identifying my running form and gait.  Unfortunately, not taking time to educate myself I got a pair of shoes that were not suitable for how I run.  A bad knee injury ensued followed by months of rehab and down time.

What I learned is there are runners who pronate or run on the insides of their foot.  There are neutral runners that have the majority of their foot make contact with the pavement and then there are supinator’s that have a tendency to run on the outside edges of their feet.

Being a slight supinator, through trial and error I found a neutral running shoe that worked for my high mileage, running gait and intensity.  As with many things, the manufacturer completely changed my favorite shoe to the point I could no longer run in them. 

As a slight supinator, I look for a shoe that has a minimal drop (heel to toe offset) with ample cushioning while still being able to have a solid feel for the road.  After many months of trial and error, I decided to give the Altra One2 a try.

A reinvented model for Altra, the One2 is an incredibly lightweight shoe at 5.9 ounces it feels and responds like a training shoe with racing flat performance. I have found the One2 meets the needs you place on it.  Form speed work, long training runs and even long races, the One2 performs the way you need it too when you need it to. The shoe provides ample cushioning for all sizes of runners, yet provides an excellent feel for the road.

While my previous shoe had a 4mm drop, the Altra One2 is a zero drop shoe, which moves your heel in an even plane with the ball of your foot.  While zero drop shoes closely resemble a more natural feeling for the foot like walking barefoot, I found the transition to the Altra One2 seamless and refreshing. Fully cushioned Zero Drop™ technology promotes a more natural foot strike and a more efficient stride.

While many shoes can run narrow in the toe box, especially when the foot is under pressure of running, the Altra One2 has a unique toe-box design that provides more room for your forefoot to breath.  The Foot Shape™ toe box keeps your foot powerful and comfortable throughout long distances.

The Altra One2 even performed well in the pouring rain.  Soaking wet, the One2 never lost grip, performance or comfort.  The Quick-drying, breathable mesh upper and synthetic overlays provide all day comfort and dried quickly.  The plush collar and breathable material make the Altra One2 an option for sockless runners.
Women's Model
Altra hit a grand slam with the reinvented One2.  The only complaint is a limited color selection but if performance and comfort in a neutral shoe is what you are after, the One2 hits all the marks!
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