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“Sometimes life has a strange way of getting your attention.”  My name is Chris Vokaty and that simple yet powerful phrase is how this whole thing got started.  I have many roles in life as a husband to May, father to Elliana, Director of Sales Learning Delivery, church member, fitness columnist, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, coach and most recently endurance athlete!

At 47, I am in the best shape of my life!  A friend of mine (a fellow endurance athlete) and I were talking recently and he posed an interesting question.  Would the Chris Vokaty of today be able to beat the Chris Vokaty of 20 or even 30 years ago in an endurance event?  I had never thought of a “Me vs. Me” scenario but the answer was an overwhelming YES! That is rather amazing that only four years earlier, I was in the worst shape of my life, barely able to get the mail or walk up the stairs without gasping for air and breaking out in a sweat. 

So what happened? The story of my transformation is nothing miraculous or earthshattering, its simply one mans desire to live life to its fullest quality and extent while providing a safe, fun and healthy atmosphere my family could enjoy! Feeling on the verge of slipping into ill health forever, it was time to make a change and respect, appreciate and enjoy the body God gave me and that all started with getting in shape.  I’ll save the details of the story for my article “Sometimes life has a strange way of getting your attention” located on my site.

Getting into shape turned into an appetite for a lifetime of fitness and endurance challenges. If you can swim it, run it or bike it, then I want to do it and believe there is no event that I cannot do if I put my mind to it. Setting long range and aggressive goals for completing endurance events is my way of staying in shape.

Having learned a lot about myself and about endurance competition has been extremely rewarding and fun. My aim is to share my journey with all of you and hopefully motivate you to join me on my journey!  I am not particularly gifted athletically, I’m not the fastest or the strongest but I compete and have a good time, always gaging my results and improvement against myself.   But what I am good at is encouraging you to take that bold step to set and achieve fitness goals you never thought were possible. If I can do you, so can you so lets enjoy this journey together.

You can achieve any fitness or endurance goal you set for yourself!  When talking to others that either think they can’t do something or find excuses for why they can’t, I have one simple question, ”How Bad Do You Want It?”  Do you want to run a marathon, complete a triathlon, or learn to swim?  If you want it bad enough you will find a way. I did and together we will make your fitness and endurance goals and dreams come true. 

Enjoy the journey; it’s a marvelous ride!

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