Friday, October 4, 2013

Energy to Burn!

Its seven o’clock and you are wiped out.  You got the kids fed and off to school, did a load of laundry, took the trash out, worked all day, managed to sneak in a workout all before cooking dinner and cleaning up the kitchen.  Now you are whooped!  Sound familiar?

According to Fitness magazine, nearly 38 percent of working adults experience bouts of fatigue!  Fatigue can be the result of mental as well as physical activity. Unlike just a few years ago, today we are virtually “online” 100% of the time. With smart phones, email and social medial among others, we are continually processing data and working more hours, all this sensory input can lead to sever fatigue.

Even though exercise is an excellent mechanism to alleviate fatigue, adding an aggressive exercise program without adequate recovery can add to your fatigue.  So what other things are zapping you of your energy and driving a fatigue state that makes you envy Rip Van Winkle?  You may be surprised to find that some of the simple things can actually lead to fatigue. 
Here are some common fatigue triggers and simples strategies to put you back on the fast track to feeling relaxed, fresh and ready to conquer the world!
Eating a healthy diet is very important but reading nutrition labels can be a source of stress and fatigue.  You’re shopping for milk so do you choose soy, rice, almond or oat?  Now you need nut butter so do you choose, peanut, almond, cashew, flaxseed or a combination? A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that having too many options can be exhausting. 
With thousands of products competing for our attention it can be exhausting to make healthy choices says Adiana Castro, R.D. Before shopping, make a detailed list of exactly what you need with nutrient rich fresh and whole foods compromising the majority of your list. This will streamline the shopping experience resulting in less stress and less time at the market.

There is no better remedy for fatigue than a good night’s sleep. Sleep is critical as not only will it help determine your energy level, sleep is the ONLY time your body produces growth hormones that are responsible for rebuilding muscles after a hard workout.

 A recent study found that 72 percent of participants spend their time before falling asleep in bed on social networks and 65 percent say the last thing they do before closing their eyes is check email or texts. According to the National Sleep Foundation, using a computer or electronic device within an hour of going to bed can stimulate brain activity making it hard to fall asleep and feel rested the next day.  To maximize your sleep and minimize fatigue, make your bed a no-gadget zone.

Clutter can be a major culprit in fatigue. Researchers at Princeton University found that clutter in closets and living spaces can rob you of energy.  “When we are overwhelmed by visual clutter, the brain’s reaction time can slow, leading to the feeling that you need rest,” says Sabine Kastner, M.D., PH.D.   Clutter can also rob you of being able to properly rest because of feeling of being in the midst of chaos and knowing you should clean.  Dedicate a weekend to cleaning up the clutter as a little hard work now will allow for plenty of good rest when you need it most!
Here is to being fit for a lifetime!

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