Friday, January 17, 2014

Back In The Saddle

It’s been a week since a magical time at Disney with my family. As always we had a blast in the parks and at Downtown Disney and Run Disney put on another fantastic weekend of events.  Mother Nature cooperated more as the week went on as we had perfect conditions for the Marathon.
I am excited that both May and I had good races and I am thrilled with a 3:44 marathon after a week of racing and not starting training until the week after Thanksgiving.  I guess all my triathlon training paid off for me this summer.
We both are excited that we recovered well and quickly. While walking down stairs was a bit of a challenge on Monday and Tuesday, we are in good shape and ready to roll.  The biggest issue with recovery was trying to catch up on our sleep.  A busy week at the parks and getting up in the middle of the night to get to a race can be more tiresome than one thinks.
While I never like to take time off, I listened to my body and took the week off and slept in until 6:00 am every morning, and for me this is definitely sleeping in. I was also surprised to notice I had the “rungries” all week and ate accordingly.  While eating a lot at Disney too, it was good to get back on our standard diet. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and it’s time to lace up the shoes, get on the swim cap and clip into my pedals and turn my attention towards a busy spring and summer.  REV2TRI Knoxville (half Iron Distance) on May 18, IRONMAN Raleigh 70.3 June 1st and IRONMAN Coeur ‘d Alene on June 29th. 

The Dopey Challenge was a HUGE confidence builder and an event I was really looking forward to. Many times an athlete can experience depression once a big event is over and the best way to avoid that is to have another planned for later in the year.  It keeps you motivated and gives you something to look forward to.

I am excited about the triathlon season and finishing the Dopey Challenge strong, healthy and happy have given me a LOT of confidence moving to the IRONDISTANCE races. The rest and recovery have been great and I am anxious to get back to sweat, elevated heart rate, grunting, groaning and pain. It’s not a good week if at least once I am not asking myself why I do this to myself! 
The challenge will be fitting in two workouts three-four days a week. I am going to try and maximize my lunch hours for 5-7 mile runs or strength training sessions. We are fortunate to have a weight room and showers on sight.  Also need to make sure I get enough sleep.  Oh yes, my soccer drills to work on lateral movement so I can strengthen my IT bands.
This weekend we will catch up on Premier League Ruby and enjoy some Barclay's Premier League Soccer....and oh yes, two NFL Conference Championship games.
I wish everyone a great weekend of training and racing.
Now about that Dopey tattoo......

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