Tuesday, February 18, 2014

REV 3 Knoxville – Revving up for Another Week of Training

Happy Tuesday!  I trust you all survived President’s Day and the myriad of absolutely horrible local car dealer and furniture ads that somehow make their way into our living rooms.

Last week was a throw away but a great week to be off with a virus and the snow and ice had everything in South Carolina closed down for the better part of three days.  Running outside was not an option either due to the ice and I was not going to risk slipping and breaking an ankle or tearing an ACL.  They always say timing is everything and this was a classic example. Here is this weeks training in prepration for REV 3 Knoxville

Saturday – Started the day with a three hour ride on the training and caught up on Ancient Aliens.  I felt pretty good for being off for a week with a bug. I was surprised I got up as the earthquake the night before and Elli being sick did not lead to much sleep.  I was able to get in about 51 miles and some good interval work.  Added in 400 crunches and 300 pushups.

Sunday – Back to the roads with a 10 mile run at 4:30 am.  It took a bit to get started but I warmed up nicely and it was perfect as I finished Trip Wire, the third book in the Jack Reacher series just as I finished my run. I love taking an unabridged book on my iPod for long runs and it really helps pass the time.  10 miles done and no worse for the wear. Added in 400 crunches and 300 pushups.

Monday – Well this was a true test of the “How Bad Do You Want It” motto. I did NOT want to get out of bed, let alone go for a long swim. They I thought about the REV3 Knoxville 70.3 and IRONMAN Coeur‘d Alene and I got up and headed to the Y.  All the way there I tried to bargain with myself about how I didn’t have to swim 3,600 yards and tried to rationalize how I could only do 1,800 or 900 yards and be happy with  the workout.  Once I hit the water I made up my mind that the faster I swam, the faster I would be done so 3,600 yards it was.  I am glad I stuck with it as it was the best swim I have had ever completing it in 1:29. This is not fast by many standards but for me it is.  My left shoulder was not sore (as it has been on long swims) and I was not completely gassed once I climbed out of the pool. This is progress and they strength training paid off.  I completed a round of strength training in the afternoon and added in 400 crunches and 300 pushups.

Tuesday – This is one of my favorite workouts and I do a bike/run brick at Gold’s. Garrett is an awesome instructor and today we worked on springs and not hills, but mountains.  72 minutes on the bike and then a brisk 9:00 per mile run for 2 miles. I am very, very excited how my legs are feeling off the bike. This was a huge issue last year and I must be getting stronger.  Nice run and great way to start the day. Next week I move to 3-4 mil run after the bike so that will be good to extend the mileage and learn to run on tired legs.  400 crunches and 300 pushups done.

Wednesday – Will be headed back to the Y for another 3,600 yard swim and will work on some intervals. I am so excited that Elli loved her first swim lesson.  I don’t want her to fear the water like I did all those years. I actually look forward to going swimming and there is nothing better to wake you up in the morning than when you first hit the water. Will add in strengthen training, push-ups and crunches in the afternoon.

Thursday – Will run a quick 8-10 in the morning and add in a recovery ride of 60 minutes in the evening.

Friday – What is supposed to be an off day, I may add in Sundays 12 mile run as I am in NYC all next week and may not get many chances to workout.  This way Elli and I can time together for a quick bike in the sun room and brick a run with her in the stroller on Sunday.

Saturday – This is the big one. My first five hour ride on the trainer followed by a 3 mile brick run.  The only thing I’m worried about is staying motivated for 5 hours but where there is a will, there is a way and it will be done. Will probably start around 3:30 so I can be close to done by time Elli gets up and she and Juliet can get me through the last hour.

Sunday – If I run on Friday, I will do a short bike/run brick and will take Elli swimming in the afternoon. May will be at the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend so it will be a fun father/daughter weekend.  We will miss May but we will have some bonding time.

Monday – Plan to get in 3,600 at the pool before I head to a week in the Big Apple.

Happy training everyone and remember “How Bad Do You Want It?”

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