Saturday, May 17, 2014

REV3 Knoxville – A Southern Experience

Well we all thought Mother Nature finally put old man winter into retirement but he got one last punch this weekend. What was temps in the 80’s a week ago, today was met with a low of 43 and a high barely over 60 with wind and a chill in the air.  Not what everyone was expecting for REV3 Knoxville.

With my bike checked into transition and a whirl though the expo, it was time to go test the water in the Tennessee River.  The course is 1.2 miles in length with a slight swim upstream then enjoy the ride downstream.  While this may sound daunting, the river flow is being controlled by the dam and there is little no current which will make for a nice race.

While I will never be the one that goes looking to jump into an open body of water, I can hold my own and have to trust my training, experience and just stay positive and calm.  I guess this is one time I need to practice what I preach in “How Bad Do I Want it?”

While freezing standing on the doc, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the water temperature was nearly 72 degrees which will make for a very comfortable swim.  Worries over, tomorrow will still be cold in the morning but the water will feel like a nice spa.

The bike course will be hilly and technical but will be good practice for CDA in June.  Looking forward to a crisp bike ride with temps starting in the low 50’s.  I had to stop by Dick’s Sporting Goods and pick up a tech shirt and running jacket that will work on the bike. Was pleasantly surprised to get them on sale and they match my bike.  What a great deal.

The run will have some hills and will take place on a series of trails that will be a nice change and a pseudo warm up for next years major endurance event, but hold on, more on that in the fall!  J

It was good to meet a lot of neat folks and looking forward to meeting many of the REV3 Tri Team members tomorrow.

May and Ellie were excellent support as usual and any man would be fortunate to have this level of unconditional love and support. Elli had a blast and May got a great introduction to triathlons REV3 style that will help her prepare for REV3 Anderson in October.

Stacy and Scott Rotluff are also coming up to check out REV3 and to support me in my race.  They are good friends and appreciate their support. I think Stacy will get the bug and sign up for Anderson as well.  I love the REV3 series and team and doing what I can to help the triathlon community grow.

For tonight we have a wonderful dinner with Joe and Ilene Piscatello. We met them in Italy and it’s been over 5 years since we have seen them and it has been great to rekindle our friendship and share some laughs. Pasta is always good and with good friends its even better.

Looking forward to tomorrow with two main goals of fine tuning my nutrition and using this as a good training run for CDA.

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